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10 important money habits to pass on to your children

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on It is no secret that money - how much you have, how you manage it and how you spend it - severely impacts your life’s comfort and the opportunities afforded to you. Whoever said money makes the world go round, knew exactly what they were talking about.  This is… Continue reading 10 important money habits to pass on to your children


5 Wealth Creation Tips for Parents 

It’s every parent’s dream to give their child a life better than the one they had. Whether it is schooling, extracurricular involvement or setting them up with an ironclad financial blanket that can afford the child the opportunities his/her parents could only dream of as a child. 


Money, Baby and You

At my baby shower, we received two baby bags, three baby blankets and countless envelopes with congratulatory cards stuffed with money. It was in that moment of taking stock of the haul that I realised two things: the first, is that we have really great friends and relatives who care about us, and the second,… Continue reading Money, Baby and You