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About Raising Naomi

The Francis family enjoy a picnic together There is so much more to a woman’s pregnancy experience than the biological changes. From the level of care received to the physical environment in which she is growing her tiny human; it all impacts the overall experience and frames an opinion on life.  For first-time-mom Semone Hoilett-Francis,… Continue reading About Raising Naomi

man standing beside his wife teaching their child how to ride bicycle
Child Development

30 Bucket List Ideas for Families

New Year, new me! That’s usually what people say, but outside of maybe a few Christmas pounds (don’t stress, I’m working on it) and the consideration for a new hair colour, this is the same mama from last year. Though we’re two weeks into the new year, I’m still reflective about the areas I want… Continue reading 30 Bucket List Ideas for Families

christmas tree with baubles
Blogmas 2021

Jamaican Christmas Customs (Blogmas Day 9)

It’s t-minus 3 days till Christmas and I am over the moon excited. I can’t wait to see all my relatives and enjoy the joyous day with them, reminiscing on the good times and being happy. But as the anticipation for Christmas Day builds, I want to share some of the reasons I love Christmas as… Continue reading Jamaican Christmas Customs (Blogmas Day 9)

Health & Wellness

10 Ways to Support Loved Ones Who Have Lost a Child

October is observed as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month worldwide. And while it is a notable period for parents who have lost a child, to reflect on their pain and remember their little angels, it is also a period for persons who may not have experienced the pain firsthand to support loved ones. As… Continue reading 10 Ways to Support Loved Ones Who Have Lost a Child

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Pregnancy: Sometimes there are sacrifices

The ups and downs of pregnancy can be a sure ticket to giving yourself or anyone around you whiplash; one moment you’re overwhelmingly happy, the other you’re so frustrated, you can barely think. And while pregnancy is different for each person, ultimately, the journey sees women sacrificing something for a peaceable few months. For this… Continue reading Pregnancy: Sometimes there are sacrifices

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Pregnancy: A Journey to Total Bliss

Kimara Caballero-Morris carries her baby girl with grace. For each woman it is different. It is one of life's mysteries if you ask me. The result or destination is usually the same but that journey to getting there, is quite literally another story. For instance, if her pregnancy was anything to go by, Kimara Caballero-Morris should… Continue reading Pregnancy: A Journey to Total Bliss